We think nothing is easy in the beginning, especially created a new brand in the smart phone accessories market. Moreover, we invested much
time and money to develop products under our own brand name, but the process is not as simple as we think. Fortunately, we raised our first
fund from the well-known fundraising website "Kickstartert"in the U.S., and became a champion of the sales in 2011.

After solving the financial problems, the issue of finding suppliers came: We couldn't find a proper supplier to manufacture our products
because the technique is very complicated, also it cost much time. In the meanwhile, some of our suppliers gave up and did not achieve
Mindplar's demands actually. However, we attempted to find a long term cooperated supplier. Finally, we found a CNC factory in Taichung
would like to support us, and Mindplar started its new products for iPhone 4.

Mindplar always try more efforts to run its brand, and let customers know who Mindplar is around the world. Besides, Mindplar dedicated
expenses to its quality in R&D segment and customers service after purchasing. We still spurred our brand on, and overtake ourselves.
The goal of Mindplar is to make various products and create added value in this brand.

We are Mindplar !!